Some important social media strategies for a successful Kickstarter campaign

Before you launch your dream Kickstarter project, plan up well and also be prepared for a tough journey. It is NOT an easy job because it requires a lot of hard work and determination. Many entrepreneurs are launching crowdfunding projects every day and your ideas to make a project stand out from the crowd seem quiet impossible, eh? But, do not lose hope and start popping your cloud of ideas yet.  There are several ways to have a dream start to your project and one of them is social media sites.

Do not underestimate the power of a social media site because it is the ultimate way to make your project go viral. There are many social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. that can offer an immense help to have a dream start for your campaign. Create a page for your crowdfunding campaign on Facebook and update posts regarding your project. Do not post long and boring paragraphs on Twitter and Facebook; keep it short, simple and creative. After all, you do not want your target group of people to fall asleep amidst reading your posts!

Always remember to keep it simple by being a part of not more than three platforms because you do not want to be left clueless about managing different platforms at a time. There are hundreds of projects that have gone viral due to promotions on social media sites, but that does not mean every project would go viral! Do not have high expectations on your project and start panicking when it does not take shape during the initial stages. Good things take time to happen and your project could turn out be the most famous one among your target group of people, you may never know!


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Is it okay to advertise crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter with paid ads?

The answer is yes and no as well, you do not have to pay for the ads in the starting stage after launching your campaign. Once your funds hit the target, you can then think about paying for your ads. This is the standard strategy that has been followed by every successful campaign. A wise fundraiser would never pay for the ads right after launching it and would be more interested in the free ads.

When your crowdfunding campaign’s goal is $40,000 but you have raised $90,000, you can always think about investing it in paid advertisements for that extra promotion. It would fetch you more success and fame for your campaigns. Google ads are one among the famous ad services and you can raise more money through these paid ads. Several people use Google services and it is an effective platform to raise more funds to the campaign. Using this unencrypted script you can create your own Crowdfunding platform

Brand, the most important term in the marketing world plays a key factor in the advertising industry. People would prefer a brand name to any other non-brands and there is nothing wrong in taking advice from successful companies.

According to several sources, many successful campaigns have followed the advertising strategy to achieve more fame and recognition. Paid advertisements would promote the crowdfunding campaigns in an extremely grand way.  It is always better to promote the campaigns through blogs, public forums and social media sites before launching the crowdfunding platform. Hence, it is a big fat yes to paid ads once you reach the target!

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Ways to Get Funds for Your Business

Money serves as a big issue for entrepreneurs who like to start their business. So, here are some ways for them to get funds.


Crowdfunding will help you with funds you required to start the business, especially if it is project based. If you are ready to raise some amount to produce a product then crowdfunding serves the best for you.

When you launch your kick-start or some similar campaign, then the backers who agree to work with you will own a copy of your product.


Business related with services like restaurant, cars repair shops may not get satisfied with crowdfunding, so they can proceed by taking traditional bank loans. Using credit cards for this kind of small scale business is a form of taking a loan.

Family and friends:

Friends and relatives will always give their term of money, but it may spoil your relationship with them.


Most of the companies use pre-orders in order to test the market before starting a new business. You can receive pre-orders by creating your own websites with Word press, blue host and WoocCommerce.


If you don’t have the capability to do complete investment for your business, then it is better to join with a partner who can share your rewards, investments and help you improve the business.


First, choose a suitable investor for your business and get a view of qualitative aspects and metrics that really matter to an investor.


Another form of Income or Job:

Some entrepreneurs fund for the business of other companies in order to get some income share or a job which is called as bootstrapping. Then they will use the income for freelancing or part time employees until generating the amount of their full time business.


You can do this by offering some services in a tie-up with your business. This also serves as a common way to support a business.

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Facebook ads do not contribute to crowdfunding’s success

Many project managers think Facebook ads play a vital role in crowdfunding campaign. The truth is bitter because they do not advertise the crowdfunding campaigns. In fact, it is just a hoax that ads help to promote the campaigns. Facebook ads do not provide any so called “benefits” to the project managers. Already established brand names could try Facebook ads for promotion. But you got to rethink when it comes to crowdfunding campaigns. It is indeed a waste of time, money and resources.

When you start a project, you need to work it out within 15 to 60 days time. Facebook ads do not give the required promotion or publicity to your campaign. Sadly, the advertisements do not work, it is a complete let down until you have something to offer for free. You cannot promote your campaigns by giving away free things when you are in need of funds. But one good thing Facebook ad does is it targets a particular group of people and could go viral if it is a hit.

You can advertise your campaigns with Facebook, but not with the ads. Always focus more on blogs and other real life events that would do a better job in promotion. Stay in touch with the right influencers and build a stronger relationship with them. A creative kickstarter page with decently attractive videos, images and text plays a key role in grabbing attention from the crowdfunders. But fellows, do not trust Facebook ads for promotion when they are of no use!

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Crowdfunding success is impossible on project cancellation

Some project managers cancel the projects within few days after having a dream launch. People cancel a project because of inexperience or lack of confidence. Neither of them is going to cause any success on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter. Never lose hope in your crowdfunding project in the mid way if it does not live up to your expectations in the initial stage. Many projects have picked up the pace only during the crucial stages of the development.
You never know what would happen in future! Stop assuming things that could possibly have a negative impact on your campaign. You will have to find the momentum of your project before it is too late. If you still find it hard in reaping success off your campaign, explore a lot of blogs on web and know better. At the end of the day, it is not about achieving success but not losing your hope. Canceling the project is a sign of cowardice and lack of commitment to work.
Hard work would pay off but it eventually takes time and you got to be patient until then. Stay calm and find a solution if nothing goes in your favor. Only after a lot of research, you would get a clearer idea of strategies that needs to be implemented to have a successful campaign. Never let down your dreams and aim at any cost, try harder to have productive results. Your project can take off even at the most crucial stage if it does not seek success in the initial stage.

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Life after a failed Crowd funding Campaign

Many people rely on crowd funding campaigns such as indiegogo, Kickstarter, etc. for fundraising. But crowd funding campaign owners must realize that raising money on the internet is not an easy job! It requires so much of effort and if it does not go on a successful path, people may doubt on your credibility, the standard of your consumer product offered by the business, and it may further affect the popularity, profitability and your competence level. Don’t feel discouraged after a failed crowd funding campaign, instead you have to figure out the ways to get back on the track and give it another attempt. There are many businesses that have failed in their initial campaign, and hence it is not a big thing to worry about.

You will have to reach out to the backers to analyze their feedbacks because no failure would occur unless and until if something has gone wrong at some point of time. Hence it is always advisable to get back to the backers. There are many reasons for unsuccessful campaigns; some of them are less adequate promotion, surreal financial target, etc. You should learn to overcome your failure and learn from your mistakes. Start to establish close coordination with your previous backers and try to work out the differences in a positive manner. And remember the most important thing; keep it going no matter what! Never try to hide your previous failed campaign since it is out there on the internet! And always keep the energy flowing in a positive attitude.

In case you feel discouraged, always try to remember the sweet victory you would achieve in the end. Crowdfund Buzz will help you with effective tactics to boost your new campaigns. Never ever lose your hope!

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